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Established in early 2004 in North East Ohio, we are a simplified IT solutions provider for small to mid-size companies as well as residential users. Our journey has been in several stages and thanks to the support of hundreds of return and new clients, we’ve transformed from a small firm into a comprehensive IT solutions provider.

With our range covering most of Northeast Ohio, we bring an affordable, simple, secure, and effective solution to your computing needs.

Small overhead allows us to bring wholesale prices to budget-conscious consumers and our simplified methods take the scare away from novice users as well as helping our more skilled clients accomplish their digital transformation strategies.

Helping small and mid-size businesses automate operations and share data in an innovative and affordable way, opens up new opportunities that benefit both our clients and us.

Our mission is to out-perform the competition in every way we can.

Starting with the expertise of the people we hire, the technology we use, the collaborative capabilities working with us and the competitive prices; we have the assets that fill critical needs every business has in this information age.

We want to help your business thrive.


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