Whether it is a stand-alone PC, or a complex network, issues can come-up unexpectedly. We can assist you with a simple repair/replace, or we could help you manage your risks, evaluate your needs, and design the best-managed solution for your business. Our managed Back-up and Disaster Recovery (BDR) is an industry best in class and an affordable business continuity solution. Our managed BDR service include:

  • Image-based backups – ensuring that your data is protected
  • Hourly backups – ensuring minimal data loss.
  • Local storage – ensuring the fastest recovery times.
  • Off-site/Cloud storage – your data is automatically replicated in our secured data centers to ensure protection.
  • Instant hybrid virtualization – your servers can be hosted virtually in the cloud.
  • Instant on-site virtualization – your servers can be virtually hosted on our BDR device itself. (specific models only)
  • Business Endpoint Protection– managed corporate class antivirus that deploys in seconds and offers a complete digital security, much more than just viruses or hacker attacks.

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These services are provided according to the customer’s specified plan, including unique labelling and storage requirements. We can provide complete system recovery as needed.


Since our goal has always been simplifying technology for everyone, it is vital to use user-friendly products and procedures.

Sometimes complicated needs of our clients require a more complex solution and the learning curve as for functionality of the procedure can be extensive, daunting and cumbersome. Because of those cases, we offer free limited training on all products we offer to our clients.

Whether it be a simple new device or a more complicated network or software, we make sure you know and feel comfortable operating it. Anything from a local network, POS or CCTV system, to a cloud base Surveillance monitoring or e-commerce site, will become effortless to use once you learn to control it.


We also recognize that as the IT industry demands its professionals to not only master their own specializations but similarly, to remain thoroughly updated with the newest additions. Regular upgrades and implementation of new tools that are newly released into the market creates a need to find resources who are adept in those technological areas. Looking at the current IT scenario, we provide IT-related training that upgrades you on all the existing and new technologies. We provide training in technologies that help polish your IT skills and learn the latest trends. So get in touch with our training experts who move beyond theory, giving you valuable real-world insights. As a result, you can trust us to provide high-quality, consistent training and development at every level of your organization.

Managed IT Services

We believe that as a business owner, your focus should be on your business and your customers, rather than managing IT issues. They can be time-consuming and potentially demanding if you don’t have an IT background. We strive to assist your firm to cope with its day to day operational activities by providing a comprehensive IT support service to compliment your current business infrastructure. We offer unlimited remote and onsite support options to our clients. We triage your call as it comes in and assign your case to the appropriately skilled technician, so you always have the best person for the job working on your ticket. Our priorities are defined by the customer, not the nature of the problem, and every customer has a dedicated first point of contact. Our IT support varies from simple desktop support to infrastructure design, management, and implementation.

A Virtual Chief Information Officer, vCIO, offers all the benefits of having a CIO on-staff without having to maintain a traditional full-time salary.

We offer a truly independent and flexible virtual Chief Information Officer, vCIO, service to the Small and medium-sized enterprise, SME, market, which is not affiliated to any IT provider or vendor, ensuring the interest remains with you, the client. It is ideal for Small and medium-sized enterprise, SME, organizations that are unable to afford a full-time head of IT.

Our Virtual Chief Information Officers can help with proven skills across a wide range of sectors, we have the experience to design and implement the services, solutions, and strategy to deliver your vision and business goals.

Advantage of having a vCIO are:

  • Plan and manage IT-related projects.
  • Use technology to improve your bottom line and reach your business goals.
  • Formulate an IT strategy and budget that grows as your business grows.
  • Improve communication across departments.

By partnering with us, you will combine people, processes, and infrastructure to deliver cost-effective software solutions that meet your specific processing needs.

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