Custom System

PCs are generally the same, however as the needs of the people differ, the PC, Laptop & Tablet types and capabilities change as well. Therefore, we evaluate our client’s needs and recommend off-the-shelf, or build the most affordable customized PC so all their requirements are met and it performs up to mark.

We realize that everyone is an individual, and that’s why we assist you to customize your PC to meet your needs with our custom PC builder.
Our system builder will steer you through the process of choosing the right components for your dream machine.
The range of options available cater to every budget, and the configuration possibilities are virtually endless. If you’re not sure what to choose, or what something means, please contact us for a free consult.

CCTV, Surveillance & Automation Systems

Today, most business and property owners understand that the security of their building, it’s occupants and equipment is crucial to helping people feel safe, and protecting important business infrastructure. Recognizing that security is an important factor in keeping your loved ones safe and creating a long-term healthy business, we provide safe and smart solutions and options for all range of CCTV, Surveillance & Automation Systems. Our goal is to help you determine the most vulnerable spots in and around your property and help you strengthen these areas. We specialize in providing cost-effective, practical, and most importantly, productive home and office security solutions.
Most, if not all, security companies have recognized this need and have been offering CCTV additions to their usual security equipment for a few years now, but it comes with a monthly charge and you never get to own the equipment even after years of paying monthly bills for them. Once you disconnect your service, you cannot use the cameras with any other equipment of your own. Our systems are sold to you, and you own them from day one with NO MONTHLY FEES. We can set them up with built-in alarms that notify you and/or your local police department in case of a break-in and/or simple trespassing while recording every move.
Our comprehensive CCTV, Surveillance systems allow you to control, monitor, and protect every area of your business, whether you are on location or not. You can now manage and connect to your home and business in an entirely new way. We can find the perfect balance of security, video monitoring, and automation for you.
We are dedicated to rendering the highest quality products backed by our commitment to 1st class customer service and technical support. We can design and install a system that will best protect your family and assets. We are committed to understanding your needs and recommending the best security solutions for your home or business. We are meticulous about matching the best products and security services to your needs, building solutions to your budget, installing systems with minimum disruption, and fixing your problems quickly. With our high-resolution cameras, CCTV, Surveillance & Automation Systems, you can secure your home and business and have peace of mind that you have the best security in place to protect your property.

Data Disaster/Recovery

Data is the principal of your organization. It is what keeps your business operating day in and day out. In case of any human error or data breach, your critical files might go missing. Anybody even remotely familiar with electronics, could know that one simple mistake can cause the loss of years of accumulated data. Losing confidential or sensitive data, especially data that is governed by legal regulations, can irreparably damage your brand and business. In some industries, data is subject to regulatory compliance. In those cases, any loss or breach of data will have grave legal implications.
While it is crucial to have a robust data back-up procedure, sometimes things can go wrong, and usually, a crash of system happens in the untimeliest fashion. Even though this service is highly technical, it might prove to be very economical compared to the alternative. Consider a mid-size or a large company’s accounting server’s hard drive containing all the A/R, client payment methods and employee social security records, stops responding!

We work in cleanrooms.

Data loss can happen anytime, so a proper data recovery service becomes essential. Disaster Recovery involves a set of policies, tools, and procedures to enable the recovery or continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a natural or human-induced disaster. Disaster recovery focuses on restoring critical business functions as opposed to business continuity, which involves keeping all essential aspects of a business functioning despite significant disruptive events. Disaster recovery can, therefore, be considered as a subset of business continuity.
Today Data recovery has become an indispensable component of every business plan as it prepares you for your worst-case scenario. A comprehensive Disaster Recovery (DR) plan that can keep your business-critical IT systems up and running. If you need help backing up important databases or architecting a complex replication solution, we have the expertise, technologies, and services that your plan needs.
We help organizations protect their data, simplify their IT infrastructure, and achieve compliance by uniquely converging data protection, archival, cloud storage, and content indexing through a simple and reliable software service.

Network Design, Install & Setup

The state of your network directly impacts your productivity, which in turn affects your bottom line. Proper design and network installation services magnify and upgrade your infrastructure, minimize network frustrations, and promote business continuity. We recognize the fact that it becomes overwhelming as to where to start, especially if you are not a technology or an IT expert. We can be your trusted partners as we strive to provide easy to understand solutions.
Local Area Networks have become as necessary as the PCs themselves to almost all companies regardless of industry. Any database that would need to be accessed by two or more people at the same time would have to be on a network. This creates a new variable to be considered by any CEO or COO, as to what kind of network to go for.
In most cases, a hardwire (physical cables run throughout the office or building) network is the perfect solution, however, it demands the inconvenience of physical construction and alteration of office walls, ceilings, and floors. In this case, it could raise the cost of labor. The other solution is a wireless network, which may cost more initially, however, in the long run, it actually is an investment because of the savings in labor costs and the portability it offers to the user. Future remodeling or change of location would be as easy as Unplug/Plug-in.
The most popular configuration at this time is a Cloud Base (web-based server) network. In that case, all employees regardless of location can access the company data online. There are two issues with that configuration:
* If your internet connection goes down or is interrupted for any reason, everyone (in the office) will be disconnected and no-one can work.
* If you have any sensitive data, you are at the mercy of the web server for the security of your information.

We’ve earned a reputation for building local and wide area network (LAN/WAN) solutions for organizations of all sizes. Our preferred Microsoft and Cisco devices and software are corporate-grade, providing your business, state-of-the-art network implementation services. We assist you to create and configure network design according to your business network requirement and traffic pattern.
From business network designs to data cabling and PC setup to server and router configurations, we provide the best end-to-end networking implementation know-how. We don’t just install hardware and software; we discreetly integrate the components, so they are cohesive and well-integrated into your environment. With years of experience in our hand in designing a communication cabling system for high-tech server rooms and LAN/WAN networks, we can streamline your system as we configure them into a more secure, scalable, and seamless system.

Audio & Video Production and Editing

PBIS offers a variety of audio and video services to select clients.

  • Original sounds and background music for website and templates
  • Crop and remaster client sound files for ringtones and paging announcements
  • GIF and video file production for client interactive and company internal displays
  • Complete studio green screen and on-site photo and video shoots for client internal manuals and training as well as public commercial advertising

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